Featured image for 43. Essential Resources for SQE Property Practice: Expert Recommendations

43. Essential Resources for SQE Property Practice: Expert Recommendations

43 Essential Resources for SQE Property Practice: Expert Recommendations

As a solicitor specializing in property law, I understand the importance of having access to the right resources to effectively practice in this field. The SQE (Solicitors Qualifying Examination) is the new route to becoming a solicitor in England and Wales, and it requires a comprehensive understanding of property law and land law.

To help you navigate through the vast amount of information available and ensure you have the necessary tools for success, I have compiled a list of 43 essential resources that every SQE property law practitioner should consider. These resources cover a wide range of categories, including textbooks, online platforms, case law databases, and professional organizations.


1. “Property Law” by Roger Smith
2. “Modern Land Law” by Martin Dixon
3. “Principles of Land Law” by A. J. Bradbrook, S. E. F. Hamer, and R. B. Fisher

These textbooks are widely recognized as authoritative sources and provide a solid foundation in property law principles. They cover topics such as land registration, leases, and easements, which are crucial for SQE Property Practice.

Online Platforms:

4. Westlaw UK – A comprehensive online legal research platform that provides access to case law, legislation, and legal commentary.
5. LexisLibrary – Another popular legal research platform that offers a vast collection of legal resources.
6. Practical Law – A practical guidance platform that provides up-to-date templates, checklists, and procedural guidance for property law practitioners.

Case Law Databases:

7. British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) – Offers free access to a wide range of case law from the UK and Ireland.
8. Westlaw UK – In addition to its research capabilities, Westlaw UK also provides a database of case law.

Law Journals:

9. Property Law Journal – A monthly publication that covers recent developments in property law.
10. Conveyancer and Property Lawyer – A quarterly journal that focuses on practical issues in property law.

Professional Organizations:

11. The Law Society – The professional body that represents solicitors in England and Wales. They offer various resources, including practice notes and webinars on property law topics.
12. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) – The regulatory body responsible for the SQE. Their website provides information on the qualification process and examination dates.

Online Courses:

13. SQE 1 Preparation Courses – FQ Property Solicitors offers comprehensive SQE 1 preparation courses that cover the property law syllabus and include practice exam questions.
14. SQE 2 Preparation Courses – FQ Property Solicitors also provides SQE 2 preparation courses for candidates looking to further develop their property law knowledge and skills.

Legal Dictionaries:

15. “Black’s Law Dictionary” – A widely recognized legal dictionary that provides definitions and explanations of legal terms.
16. “Oxford Dictionary of Law” – Another reputable legal dictionary that offers concise definitions of legal terms.

Legal Guides:

17. “The Land Registry Practice Guide” – A guide published by the Land Registry that provides detailed information on land registration procedures.
18. “The Conveyancing Handbook” – A comprehensive guide to the conveyancing process, including drafting contracts and dealing with searches.

Property Law Blogs:

19. Property Law UK – A blog that covers a wide range of property law topics, including recent case law and legislative changes.
20. Landlord Law Blog – A blog dedicated to landlords and tenants, providing insights into legal issues relating to property law.

Case Summaries:

21. Property Law Case Summaries – An online resource that provides concise summaries of significant property law cases.
22. Law Teacher Case Summaries – A collection of case summaries across various legal subjects, including property law.

Legal Research Apps:

23. LexisNexis App – Allows you to access legal research tools on the go, including case law and legislation.
24. Westlaw UK App – Provides mobile access to the Westlaw UK platform and its extensive legal resources.

Land Registry:

25. HM Land Registry – The official government body responsible for land registration in England and Wales. Their website provides access to land registry records and guidance on registration procedures.

Online Forums and Discussion Boards:

26. The Student Room – An online platform where law students and professionals discuss various legal topics, including property law.
27. Legal Cheek Forums – Another online community where aspiring lawyers can exchange knowledge and engage in discussions about legal practice.

Legal News Websites:

28. Law Society Gazette – Provides news updates on legal developments, including property law.
29. Legal Futures – A trusted source for legal news, including updates on regulatory changes affecting property law practitioners.

Legal Podcasts:

30. “The Property Law Podcast” – Offers insightful discussions on property law topics, including recent cases and legal updates.
31. “The Landlord & Tenant Podcast” – Focuses on legal issues affecting landlords and tenants, offering practical guidance and analysis.

Legal Research Tools:

32. Thesaurus and Synonym Tools – Online tools that can help you find alternative words and phrases for your legal research.
33. Plagiarism Checkers – Ensure the originality of your work by using plagiarism checkers to detect any unintentional similarities.

Practice Exam Questions:

34. SQE 1 Practice Exam Questions – FQ Property Solicitors offers practice exam questions specifically designed for the SQE 1 examination. These questions help you familiarize yourself with the format and test your understanding of property law concepts.
35. SQE 1 Practice Mocks FLK1 FLK2 – Another resource provided by FQ Property Solicitors, these practice mocks simulate the SQE 1 examination experience, allowing you to gauge your readiness.

SQE Exam Dates:

36. SRA SQE Exam Dates – Stay up to date with the latest SQE examination dates on the FQ Property Solicitors website.

Legal Apps:

37. Landlord Studio – A property management app that helps landlords track rental income, expenses, and tenancy details.
38. LawPad – A comprehensive legal reference app that provides access to statutes, case law, and legal commentary.

Legal Technology:

39. Case Management Software – Implementing case management software can streamline your property law practice, helping you manage client files, deadlines, and documents more efficiently.
40. Document Automation Tools – Reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks by utilizing document automation tools, which enable you to generate legal documents quickly and accurately.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD):

41. CPD Handbook – The SRA requires solicitors to complete a certain number of CPD hours each year. The CPD Handbook provides guidance on meeting this requirement and offers various resources for ongoing professional development.
42. SQE 1 Preparation Courses – Continuing to enhance your knowledge and skills through SQE 1 preparation courses can contribute to your CPD hours.

Online Legal Communities:

43. LinkedIn Groups – Join relevant property law and legal professional groups on LinkedIn to connect with other professionals, share insights, and stay updated on industry news.

These essential resources cover a wide range of areas within SQE property practice and are recommended by experts in the field. By utilizing these resources, you can enhance your knowledge, stay up to date with legal developments, and improve your practice as an SQE property law practitioner.

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Please note that the inclusion of any specific resource in this list does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee of its effectiveness. It is important to evaluate and select resources that best suit your individual needs and learning style.

Remember, success in SQE property practice requires continuous learning, dedication, and staying abreast of the latest legal developments. Invest in these essential resources, join professional communities, and embrace a lifelong commitment to professional growth and excellence in property law.